Will I Need To Keep Coming Forever?

One of the first things that patients always want to know is “Will I have to come forever?” While every patient is different and every patient will need different therapies and will require a different number of treatments initially, most patients will find that the more rehabilitation that we do in the clinic and the more the patient does on their own will greatly determine the amount of care that they will need. The more rehabilitation the patient does the longer lasting and more effective the treatments will be.

What Sets Your Clinic Apart From Other Clinics Out There?

We take physical rehabilitation very seriously. In fact, we focus on being the best at it. From the evaluation to the diagnosis and down to all our physical medicine treatments, you can be certain that you will be getting only the best care every step of the way. Your condition will be thoroughly assessed by our team of health specialists. It will include a review of your medical history and enhanced by a comprehensive physical examination. These two elements are crucial in effectively diagnosing your condition. In some cases, we may also employ some diagnostic tests in order to further the accuracy of your results.

How Does Rehabilitation Affect the Success of Other Therapies Such as Laser and Decompression?

An important part of the long term success of spinal decompression and cold laser therapy is to strengthen and stabilize the spine. Our therapists will test and measure your strength, range of motion, balance and coordination, posture and muscle performance and then develop an individualized rehabilitation program with our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. Physical therapy along with spinal decompression and cold laser can result in superior outcomes and more permanent and long lasting pain relief with even the most painful and debilitating conditions and even when other forms of treatments have failed.

Can I do Rehabilitation at Home Along with the treatments in Office?

Absolutely! We give patients a protocol booklet containing exercises that they can safely do on their own in the comfort of their own home. Patients performing these exercises at home will notice decreased pain, improved function, improved weight management, increased strength and more energy. These patients will also maintain the success of the other treatments for a longer length of time. Their results will not only be more significant but will also be longer lasting and more permanent.


How do I Know if I Qualify for Care?

During the complimentary consultation the doctor will ask you questions about your condition such as “Where does it hurt? What makes the pain better? What makes it worse? How bad is it and what else have you tried that hasn’t worked.” Then the doctor will perform a thorough examination and review any x-rays or MRI reports. At this point the Doctor will determine if you are a candidate for our program. If you don’t qualify for the program we can refer you to someone who may be better able to help.

If you are accepted into the program the doctor will make his recommendations on which therapies will help your condition the most and how frequently you will need to come. Most patients will respond to care between 7 to 15 treatments. Some patients may need less, some may need more. Call us today to see if you qualify!

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