Sonoo A.

Dr. Becker is knowledgeable, kind and a fantastic doctor.

Theresa C.

Update: 01.11.20
I had been treated by Dr Becker for two months with visits three times per week for constant radiating pain into my knee and shin from herniated discs.

Today, going into month 3. Visits are weekly and I actually feel human again! Pain has drastically subsided. Sticking with the course of treatment is key and so worth it!

I’m very thankful to be treated by Dr. Becker! He listens and cares about his patients.

Suffering in pain Is silly! Dr. Becker will help! I’m walking proof of that!

Prior post:
I have been suffering from back issues all of my life. The last 6 months have been brutal with pain into my right knee and shin. Unable to bend my knee without intense radiating pain. I’m very active and it severely inhibited every aspect of my life!
Anyway, I was referred to Dr. BECKER. He made sure to get preliminary X-rays and an MRI to craft a treatment plan. I couldn’t believe that after the very first visit, I had substantial relief! Dr. BECKER has on point diagnoses and is simply AMAZING!

Ericelus A.

Dr. Becker is the best chiropractor. He focuses on your individual needs and makes sure to implement a plan for you to feel better. He educates and shows you that he truly cares about your improvement.

Kevin B.

excellent as usual! Plus all covid 19 safety precautions in place.

Mark G.

Nothing but the best...came to Dr. Becker with sciatica. Medical Drs. prescribed rest, PT and finally cortisone or help

After two visits to Dr. Becker I was virtually pain free and have remained so. I now get an adjustment once a week just because I feel so well afterwards.

Lisa F.

Finding Dr. Becker has been a life saver! A combination of Dr. Becker's adjustments and using the spinal decompression machine has really helped with the pain in my back, legs and feet! I highly recommend him! He's also friendly and warm!

Flamur A.

I’ve been seeing Dr.Becker since 2012 and have been going since! He’s helped me a lot with all the pain I was in. He’s helped me reach my true potential in bodybuilding and now I’m living pain free! I would recommend anyone to Dr.Becker!

Matt P.

Dr. Becker is an excellent physician, he took the time to assess and explain my condition and course of treatment. He listens, which is important to me in the sense that I feel that my visits are personalized, and not generic. I was referred to Dr. Becker after several attempts in treating neck and arm pain with other chiropractors. He is the only doctor to not only relieve pain and reduce symptoms, but correct poor habits and posture.